Bro. Dan Hrinko – Bro. Dan Hrinko. Brother Hrinko has worked in the field of forensic psychology for the past 39 years, performing evaluations for the courts. Dr. Hrinko has focused on criminal matters as well as civil matters. He has been a Mason for over 45 years, first serving as Master of Clark Lodge in Springfield, Ohio in 1983. He joined the Goose & Gridiron Social Club, the ancestor of Arts & Sciences Lodge, in 2007. He served as the Master under dispensation in 2009 as well as the Charter Master of Arts & Sciences Lodge in 2010. He has served as a District Education Officer and District Deputy Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of Ohio. He has published a book on the principles and development of Arts & Sciences Lodge titled “The Craft Driven Lodge.”

Bro. Richard Frederick – Bro. Richard Frederick III. Brother Frederick is a member of Arts & Sciences Lodge. He was initiated, passed, and raised in Arts & Sciences, making him a “son” of the lodge” and is its current Senior Deacon. In the 12 months it takes at Arts & Sciences Lodge for an Entered Apprentice to reach the degree of Master Mason, Brother Frederick received a comprehensive and thorough masonic education. He is now passing on that accumulated knowledge to his own apprentices. Brother Frederick is the author of the paper “By This I Live,” a personal account of his journey through the degrees and the related educational curriculum at Arts & Sciences Lodge. This paper has been accepted by the Ohio Lodge of Research for publication. He is also a 32° Scottish Rite Mason, and has recently joined York Temple Chapter No. 155, RAM.

Bro. Clifford Nicol – Bro. Clifford Nicol. Brother Nicol became a Freemason in 1988 in Lodge Sapens No.1620, Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He is a charter member and Past Master of Arts & Sciences Lodge, and is its current Lodge Education Officer. He has been instrumental in in the education and assimilation of new members over the years at Arts & Sciences Lodge working in conjunction with the Past LEO. He is a 32° Scottish Rite Mason and an officer in Franklin Council, Princes of Jerusalem, Valley of Columbus the Scribe in York Temple Chapter No.155, RAM, and a member of York Council No.115. He is a Knight Templar and serves as Standard Bearer of Columbus Commandery No. 69.

Clifford holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He is employed by the State of Ohio as a Software Development Specialist, with over 25 years of service in the public sector. A recipient of the Bronze Star, Cliff is also 26-year veteran of the Ohio Army National Guard and has served our nation on multiple overseas deployments. One of Cliff’s guiding principles is the aid the Compasses provide in dealing with everyday life. They frame our understanding and the applicability of our masonic doctrines. Hence, this is a constant challenge.

Bro. Brent Arnold – Bro. Brent Arnold. Brother Arnold is the immediate Past Master (2017) of Lodge Vitruvian. He was initiated, passed, and raised in Richmond-Randolph No. 19 (Richmond, Virginia) in 2012. He currently serves as Senior Deacon of the Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research U.D. under the Grand Lodge of Indiana and the Conductor of Council of the Enoch Council of Research U.D. under the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Indiana. He is also a 32° Scottish Rite Mason in the Valley of Indianapolis and holds memberships in Prather Royal Arch Chapter No. 157, Prather Cryptic Council No. 100, Prather Commandery No. 62, Saints John Council No. 541, AMD, and Saint Columba Council No. 118, Knight Masons.

Bro. James R. Dillman – Bro. James R. Dillman. Brother Dillman was raised on March 4, 2000 in Royal Center Lodge No. 575 in Royal Center, Ind., where he remains a member. He affiliated with Lodge Vitruvian 767 in 2007 and served as Worshipful Master in 2011. He is also a Past Master of Logan Lodge No. 575 in Indianapolis. He is a member of the Scottish Rite Valley of Indianapolis and served as Thrice Potent Master of Adoniram Lodge of Perfection in 2015-2016. He is a member of all three York Rite bodies and was made a Knight of the York Cross of Honor in 2011 in Fort Wayne Priory No. 8. He is also a member of Marvin L. Isley York Rite College #129, Imhotep Council No. 434 AMD., Knight Mason Council No. 15, and Tabernacle XXXV, Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests. He received the Royal Order of Scotland in 2015 and is a member of Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research. He is a recipient of the Grand Commandery of Indiana’s Distinguished Service Award, is an Indiana Master Ritualist, and in 2009 was awarded the Grand Lodge of Indiana’s Order of Service to Masonry. Dillman served as President of the Indianapolis Masonic Temple Association from 2007-2014, is a board member of the Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana, and was President of The Masonic Society, an international masonic research society, in 2014-2015. He has written for The Indiana Freemason, Scottish Rite Double Eagle, The Journal of The Masonic Society, and The Art of Manliness online men’s magazine.

Bro. Steve Verda – Bro. Steve Verda. Brother Vedra is 2015 Past Master of Lodge Vitruvian. He also served as the Worshipful Master of the Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research U.D. under the Grand Lodge of Indiana in 2016-1017. He was initiated, passed, and raised in Century Lodge No. 764 (Indianapolis, Indiana) in 2010 and currently serves as Deputy Master of Enoch Council of Research U.D. under the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Indiana, Master of the Second Veil in Indianapolis Royal Arch Chapter No. 5, and Chaplain for Saints John Council No. 541 a.m.D. He is also a 32° Scottish Rite Mason in the Valley of Indianapolis.

Bro. Richard Graeter – Bro. Richard Graeter. Brother Graeter began his masonic journey in Mariemont Lodge, No. 707, where he was raised in 1996. Five years later, he led a group of 12 Master Masons to form Caliburn Lodge No. 785, Ohio’s first new lodge in almost a quarter of a century. He served as Worshipful Master in 2004, and currently serves as Lodge Education Officer. He is also a 33° member of the Valley of Cincinnati, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, having served as Commander-in-Chief of Ohio Consistory. Brother Graeter served three Grand Masters as the Chairman of the Grand Lodge Education and Information Committee from 2002 to 2005. During his tenure, he sought to bring the state’s education program into the 21st century by publishing newly revised resources online for the first time. On November 30, 2007, he published “Reform Freemasonry?” online at, where he reviews some of the causes for the Fraternity’s loss of membership and enthusiasm, and explores new ideas for both lodges and grand lodges to counter these negative trends. On November 18, 2015, he presented his essay “It’s About Time for Dreams to Exceed Memories!” to the Rubicon Masonic Dinner Club. Finally, his essay, “Freemasonry’s Peculiar System of Morality,” was published in the summer 2017 issue of the magazine Rocky Mountain Mason.

Bro. Larry Solomon – Bro. Larry Solomon. Brother Solomon, whose middle name is indeed “King,” began his masonic journey being raised at Capital City Lodge No. 656 in 1977 with Brother Elbridge Brewer sponsoring him. After many years away from attending lodge, Brother Solomon transferred membership to Caliburn Lodge No. 785 in 2007 and began to attend regularly. In 2008, he proceeded to march through the chairs, and in December of 2014 became Worshipful Master. Brother Solomon also holds 32° membership in the Cincinnati Valley Scottish Rite.

Bro. Jason Rogers – Bro. Jason Rogers. Brother Rogers is a member of Caliburn Lodge No. 785 in Cincinnati, Ohio. A third generation Mason, he was initiated, passed, and raised in Euclid Lodge No. 65 in Naperville, Ill., in 2011. He transferred membership to Caliburn Lodge in 2012. He was elected Junior Warden in 2013.

Bro. Robert Miller - Bro. Robert Miller. Brother Miller is an active member of Caliburn Lodge No. 785 in Cincinnati. Brother Miller was raised in 1975 at Ohio Lodge No. 1 in Wheeling, West Virginia. He then lived in Pennsylvania and Indiana before moving to Ohio in 1984. Miller is active in the Masonic Restoration Foundation and is a 32° Scottish Rite Mason in the Valley of Cincinnati.

Bro. Samuel Lawson – Bro. Samuel Lawson. In July, 2011, Samuel Lawson, who was not yet made a Mason, was asked to present a program on Robert Burns, his masonic connection, as well as music relevant to the subject arranged for classical guitar. A year later, while studying and teaching classical guitar at Ball State University, he met with some of those same Masons who attended the Burns supper, and submitted a petition for the degrees of Masonry to Delaware Lodge No. 46 in Muncie, Ind., and was raised in 2012. Not long after being raised, Samuel began digging into the subject of music in open lodge and for lodge events, finding a great treasure of material that is rarely played, as well as exploring the practice of presenting music for movement and contemplation during degrees.

Samuel continued to study music and masonic music, always arranging parts for guitar. He developed a concert-lecture on subjects of Scottish, Spanish, and masonic music, as well as other musicology lectures which he has presented to the Scottish Society of Indianapolis, the Masters and Wardens of Marion and Adjoining Counties in Indiana, Lodge Vitruvian No. 767, Century Lodge No. 764, local churches, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. He has also directed the chorus of the Scottish Rite Valley of Indianapolis , and has performed for seasonal concerts with the chorus and orchestra. In 2016, Samuel and his wife, Rebekah, were honored to perform for the 2015 Supreme Council session of the NMJ Scottish Rite.

More generally, Samuel Lawson has been playing guitar since 1990, professionally since 1995, and is currently the top ranked classical musician in Indiana on music streaming site He earned a Masters of Music degree from Butler University in 2006, and now performs solo as well as alongside his wife, the Rev. Rebekah Lawson, playing classical and electric guitar, 16th-century lute, mandolin, and occasionally other noise makers as opportunities present themselves. In other matters relating to music and history research, Samuel is a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, and a trustee of the Scottish Society of Indianapolis

Bro. Jeff Okrutny – Bro. Jeff Okrutny. Brother Okrutny joined Tippecanoe Lodge in 1996 and served as Worshipful Master in 2000, 2001 and 2002, and is now serving his fifth-year as Secretary. Jeff is a member of Franklin Chapter No. 24, RAM, Franklin Council No. 14 R&SM, Coleman Commandery No. 17, KT (current serving as Captain General), Valley of Dayton, Alpha Council No. 97, AMD, and Tippecanoe Chapter No. 307, OES. He is a Past President of the Third District Officers Association, a Past Eminent Commander, and a Past Sovereign Master. In his personal life, Jeff is married, has one adult daughter; he works as an engineer for The United Technology Corporation, Aerospace Systems, Landing Systems Division in Troy, Ohio.

Bro. Paul Bathgate – Bro. Paul Bathgate. Brother Bathgate joined Tippecanoe Lodge in 2009; served as Worshipful Master in 2015. He is currently serving the lodge as Trustee and Tyler. Paul is responsible for the introduction of Masonic music in Tippecanoe Lodge and became its first “Lodge Musician,” complete with apron and jewel. His year in the East was instrumental in moving the lodge forward with the times. He is a member of Franklin Chapter No.  24, RAM, Franklin Council No.  14, R&SM, Coleman Commandery No. 17, KT, and Alpha Council No. 97, AMD. Paul has served the Grand Lodge as a Third District Education Officer, introduced social media to the Grand Lodge and many other lodges in the Third District and facilitated the first Grand Master’s online “Town Hall” event which was widely attended by 500 Masons across the state.

In his personal life, Paul is married and has three energetic, young, daughters. He is employed by the Emerson Corporation as a Program Manager in Sidney, Ohio.

Bro. Jason Woerl – Bro. Jason Woerl. Brother Woerl, raised in the 2009 Grand Master’s Class, is a past master, current Lodge Education Officer, Musician, and Trustee of Tippecanoe Lodge No. 174 in Tipp City Ohio. He holds membership in all three York Rite Bodies, and is current Master of the First Veil in Franklin Chapter No. 24 in Troy Ohio. He holds 32° membership in the Scottish Rite Valley of Dayton, and is a Noble of Antioch Shrine in Dayton Ohio.

Bro. Zach Jacobs - Bro. Zach Jacobs. Brother Jacobs joined Tippecanoe Lodge in 2014 and is currently serving the lodge as Junior Warden. He is married and has twin sons and works as an agent for State Farm Insurance in Tipp City.

Bro. John Bizzack - Bro. John Bizzack. Brother Bizzack is a 45-year veteran in the field of policing and criminal justice. He served over half of his career with the Lexington Police Department where he rose through the ranks, serving eighteen years in criminal investigation as well as Commander of the Detective Bureau, retiring in 1996 as Chief of Police. He retired after two more decades as Commissioner of the Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT) with the Kentucky Justice Cabinet–overseeing hiring and selection practices for Kentucky police officers, as well as basic and advanced certified training for over 10,000 law enforcement and criminal justice officials annually.

Dr. Bizzack is the author of several books and numerous papers on leadership, criminal investigation, and organizational management. His writings include seven books, along with dozens of publications, commentaries, and essays about Freemasonry. He speaks nationwide on a variety of topics about the criminal justice, system, critical thinking, and Freemasonry.

He is Master of Lexington Lodge No. 1 in Lexington, Kentucky and coordinator of the Lexington Lodge No. 1, Masonic History & Study Group. He is a Fellow and member of the Board of The Masonic Society, and Founding Member of the Rubicon Masonic Society. He is a member of the Scottish Rite, Philalethes Society, Southern California Lodge of Research, The American Lodge of Research in New York, and Texas Lodge of Research.
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